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DNH a Unique Firm in a Highly Competitive Market


This is what makes DNH unique in the highly competitive legal arena in Israel, as well as most competent, professional and convenient to accompany your company's local activities:


Our Clients at Heart and Their Business at the Heart of Our Firm – we understand, value, respect, uphold and preserve the importance of each and every client. We believe in establishing long-term relations with our clients and in preservation and promotion of such relations, to explore new business horizons and conquer new financial heights. 


Our Unique Approach and Our Business Orientation – our firm has adopted the "one-stop-shop" approach, as through our vast infrastructure, resources, networks, strategic alliances and partnerships, we share knowledge, are able to see the business map as a whole, and offer a much wider scope of services, to include all that is vital for a corporation's life cycle, day-to-day activity and particular transactions. Hand in hand with us, our complementary leading experts are available to be involved, guide, support and steer you in the direction of your business, marketing and financial goals.


Our Team – ur team is truly an A-Team, comprising of careful selection of world class, highly competent advocates, each expert in his/her area of practice, whose accumulative knowledge and experience is comprehensive, offering a well-informed professional service.


Our Services and Our Service Awareness – as service providers, we know that it is all about the quality, courtesy, integrity, continuous attention, involvement, unique approach and availability of our staff and services that makes all the difference. So, here are some of the exclusives we offer to our clients:


  • Individual Tailor-made Service Package. on start of cooperation, we identify with each new client, its special character and needs and the scope of legal services and involvement required by them, on the basis of their goals, business characteristics and vision, all resulting in the adoption of a tailor-made Service Level package.


  • Work Plan. after jointly establishing the required service package, we establish with our clients a work plan for implementation of the above services, taking into consideration timeframes, market constraints, mandatory obligations, events of force majeure and more, aiming at most expeditious execution. This work plan is updated and modified on an ongoing basis, as per our client's changing needs or market fluctuations.  


  • Budget. in today's competitive markets, we believe in fair pricing and uphold the approach of "best value for money". In DNH's vocabulary, this means (a) to render only the services actually needed by our clients (and not adding excessive unnecessary services); and (b) fair pricing that reflects the actual value of the work done; and (c) consolidation of a service budget jointly with our clients, vis-à-vis their real targets and actual service consumption. The said set budget for each and every client, is reviewed updated and modified from time to time, in accordance with changes in the work plan, the service package and our clients' needs.


  • Access to Information and Client Supervision and Control. we furnish our clients with tools to supervise and control the services we render them. For this purpose, in the upcoming next few months we will be integrating a special feature in our firm's website, which will enable each client, through a user name and password to be provided by us, to have full access to their own personal area, wherein they will be able to obtain all information and documents related to the services we render them. In addition, we provide our clients with periodically reports on the services rendered on a quarterly basis, and upon request, we prepare updates on any changes which may have occurred in the applicable local legislation, which may have influence on our clients' business and include any other information which important to each and every client.


  • Availability. Our firm is available and at your service from Sunday to Thursday, between 8:30 AM – 20:00 PM, Friday, between 8:30 AM – 14:00 PM and we have a 24/7 emergency service which can be reached at any time at +972 50 222255.


  • Complementary Services – we work in cooperation with various experts and service providers, complementing our services, dedicated and devoted to us, who are available for our clients upon need and request, forming inseparable part of the execution. 








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