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The DNH Firm

Danhirsh & Co. is a boutique corporate law firm of a "one-stop shop" approach, which enables its corporate clients to enjoy the worlds of many - the comprehensive accumulated knowledge and expertise of its professional staff, its extensive national and international resources, connections, networking and infrastructure, and the personal, dedicated professional care of its Team. As such, DNH is able to offer its clientele the service range, capacity, quantity, quality and diversity offered by large-scale law firms, while still maintaining the many advantages reserved to small-sized law firms, inter alia, but not least important, personal involvement of its Team in all client affairs.   


Regardless of whether it is a question of your everyday business activities, a complex commercial transaction or a legal action before any court of law, we at DNH offer a creative, strategic legal approach based on a full understanding of your business, your priorities, your objectives and targets, personal integrity, transparency, good business and legal judgment, constructive counsel, involvement and guidance, quality service, confidentiality and availability.


Being a business-oriented firm at heart, operating on a global scale with international alliances and affiliates, and leading a unique approach of "an involved legal service" with the target of facilitating our clients business, our firm's national and global infrastructure, networking, connections and allies with other professionals with complimentary expertise,  enable our clients to enjoy a full spectrum of complementary services and help which are vital for their business operation, such including, inter alia, accountants, M&A experts, tax experts and other ex-government authorities and institutions advisers, connections with banks and financing entities (including with government fund raising  experts), strategic consultants and more.


Being a boutique firm, DNH continuously seeks to enhance its ability to offer its clients excellent, personal and involved legal service, and to maintain its distinguished abilities as a facilitator, being inseparable part of its client's business affairs.


The DNH family consists of highly qualified advocates, paralegals and professional staff, most of whom are graduates of prestigious foreign and domestic academic institutions, who have acquired their professional training and experience by accompanying the business of some of the largest companies and corporations on the Israeli and international markets.


We are widely recognized for the quality of our work, which extends beyond corporate and commercial matters to include also our client's private affairs. We are trusted by our clients, who see our cousel and expertise not only domestically but also globally.


As a polyglotic firm and for the convenience of its clients, DNH offers services in various languages, including Hebrew, English, French, Russian and Bulgarian.


Our clientelle is diverse to include, private individuals and corporate entities, partnerships, associations, public benefit companies, Israeli and multi-national consortia, finance companies, binary options, forex and clients in the gaming industry, franchisers & franchisees, networks, chainstores, green energy companies, automobile importers and distributors, factories, enterpreneurs,  investors, contractors, service providers, Hi-Tech companies, agencies, authors, developers, entertainers and many more.








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